titel The movie “ Much commotion about a dream” tells the story of three teenagers who want to escape from something doesn’t actually exist. 
traileguckeAt the beginning Johanna, the main character, watches several movies on the internet, which is how she finds this suspense-packed movie.
schlafenLater on she begins to have terrible nightmares.
basketballThe nightmare starts off peacefully enough with a simple basketball game. 
blaetterThe dream quickly changes as leaves begin blowing all over the place. Then without any warning something strange happens. Something that Johanna and her friends would have never expected to happen, or dreamt possible.  
wolkenAll of a sudden lightning and thunder appears from out of nowhere.  Johanna and her friends get very nervous about the odd weather and try to find a safe place to stay during the storm. 


Afterwards, Johanna stands in the middle of all the debris she has been dreamed about and is completely traumatized by the experience.

aufwachenSuddenly, she wakes up and realizes that she’s had another nightmare. Fortunately her brother is there to protect her from the nightmare.

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(Translated by Vanessa La Fico Guzzo Q1Mll)