Who was that ?
That was Niklas!
gewaechshausnachniklas And who was that?                
Was it Niklas again?
Ya, of course!

Let me guess: That was Niklas again?

Ya, of course.
baum I think i do not need to ask anymore who that was again.

Niklas, of course!!

  To concretize: who or what is Niklas?

Niklas was a storm which raged on 31.03.2015 over Germany. The center of the storm was moving from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea. The fronts thus crossed entire Germany.


It is the name of the highest wind speed, which was measured in the plains of Göttingen. The wind speed came to 119 km/h. For more information check the graphic above.
At 20:45 p.m. even the weather station of the FKG measured hurricane force winds. (see the graphic below)   


Furthermore, we worked out the following: By comparing the wind speed of the three most powerful cyclones in Germany since 2007, namely Niklas (March 31, 2015), Christian (October 28, 2013) and Kyrill (January 18/19, 2007). We worked out the following:  The storm  named Christian was the weakest of the three. The average value of 10 minutes was 50 km/h and the peak gust was 87 km/h.
Kyrill was the second strongest storm with an average value of 73 km/h and a peak gust of 105 km/h. Last but not least was Niklas. Even though Niklas “only” had an average value of 70 km/h, his peak gust topped out at 117 km/h.  The wind speeds measured in the city of Göttingen were truly fascinating, but the values measured at the Zugspitze were two times as high as the ones in Göttingen.


Niklas caused a lot of damage in Göttingen. For example in the Breslauer Street a tree fell on top of a fire engine truck.
According to the municipal fire chief, Holger Lehrum, who was sitting in the truck when this unfortunate occurred, a loud crack rang out when the tree fell. Unfortunately, that was not the only tree that fell on parked cars. In addition the Albani church was hit. The storm also did a lot of damage to the Göttinger train stations. Altogether there was over 250 services in the district of Göttingen. 70 of them were in the downtown area.
Also the storm had severe consequences for the railroad traffic. 150 passengers were stuck at train stations due to bad weather conditions.
There was heated Metronom provided for inconvenienced passengers to stay if they wanted to sleep.. .

                           niklas                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Source: HNA
                                                                                          At Albani-Platz.


Really! How annoying! I know that it was Niklas fault!!
Man! Stop yelling at me … that was not Niklas. I was just kidding. Those extremely lopsided street lights were created in Stade (a city close to Hamburg) by the provincial authority for road building and traffic on purpose by the chief and the workers had followed the plan together. .

written by: Miriam A. und Johanna S. in April 2015/ translated by Vanessa L.F.G.